Top 4 Reasons to Visit Palm Springs

Palm Springs – the resort city that offers it all. The city is an oasis located in the Colorado desert and it became a popular vacation destination way back in the 1930s. It’s no wonder the popularity of this tourist hub has persisted over the years, as this lovely desert resort really has a lot for visitors to see and do.

If you’re planning a vacation, put Palm Springs on your list of must-see places. It’s easily accessible by car from both LA and San Diego. If you want to get that vacay mode on from the moment you pack your bags, schedule a San Diego car service to Palm Springs and get a comfortable, carefree ride.

In case you’re not yet convinced Palm Springs is the right vacation spot for you, keep reading to find out a bit more about this desert city.

Is Palm Springs worth visiting?

What is Palm Springs known for

Visiting Palm Springs will be worth your while, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Resorts and spas

Palm Springs has got a variety of spa amenities you can enjoy. Treat your mind and your body to an extraordinarily relaxing experience in one of the spas this city offers. Some resorts are built around springs in the desert, so you’ll really feel the true meaning of oasis here.

2. Pop culture

This city got its fame as a modern celebrity getaway spot. Being so close to Hollywood, Palm Springs became a perfect place for stars who just wanted to unwind and get away from the LA action. The architecture is mostly mid-century style, and the glamor of the local homes will leave you in awe.

Apart from the tours of celebrity homes (Frank Sinatra and Leonardo DiCaprio are just a couple of names that have resided here), you can also enjoy the magnificent architecture of the hotels, like The Saguaro.

3. Modern art

Another form of cultural entertainment in Palm Springs is art in the open. As many as 150 art pieces, such as sculptures and paintings, are displayed all over the town. Taking a stroll around the city in lovely weather is sure to leave you inspired. You can also drop by the Palm Springs Art Museum and enjoy more contemporary artwork.

4. Amazing nature

The nature surrounding Palm Springs should be on everyone’s must-see list. For instance, Joshua Tree National Park is just an hour away. It’s famous for its authentic monolithic rocks and vibrant wildflowers that will leave anyone breathless. The park got its name as it is home to the strangely-looking Joshua Trees that are endemic to this area of the Mojave Desert.

What is Palm Springs known for?

The visitors to Palm Springs can enjoy a variety of attractions, the most famous of which must be the aerial tramway. It’s one of the largest ones in the world, as it passes around 2.5 miles in the air over the great Chino Canyon. It transports the passengers all the way to the entrance of Mt. San Jacinto National Park, where you can unwind at one of the two restaurants and get a souvenir from the gift shop. The magnificent views of the wildlife coupled with the adrenaline rush you get from an elevation of 8,516 feet are guaranteed to create a truly memorable experience.

Where can I book a premium San Diego car service to Palm Springs?

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