Tips for Travelers to Burbank Airport

Are you flying out to Los Angeles soon? From beach fun and seeing world-famous sights to rubbing shoulders with celebrities, California is an exciting place to be. For the well-organized traveler, though, it’s not all fun and games. You need to do your research and get to know the ins and outs of everything from transportation options to the sights’ opening and closing hours. 

Create your travel itinerary wisely, so you have enough time at every amazing location. Read up on smart advice for passengers arriving at Burbank. Study the maps and learn how to get around. Book a ride with a renowned Burbank airport to Pasadena car service to get places conveniently and on time. Don’t let anything stop you from taking in California’s unique spirit!

What are the things to do near Hollywood Burbank Airport?

Burbank Airport, formerly known as Bob Hope Airport, is one of the busiest tourist hubs in LA. Thanks to Burbank Airport’s prime location, passengers arriving at either of its terminals have the chance to explore Downtown LA, as well as neighboring cities of Glendale and Pasadena. Here are some of the most popular activities to engage in near Burbank Airport:

  1. Take a helicopter tour of LA

    If you want to look at LA from a different angle, book a helicopter ride over the city and enjoy the breathtaking view from above.

  2. Visit Beverly Hills

    Discover what this star-studded neighborhood has to offer! Shop in the luxury boutiques on Rodeo Drive or go on a guided tour of lavish celebrity mansions.

  3. See Warner Bros. Studios

    Get to the heart of the entertainment industry! Warner Bros. company opens its doors to visitors so you can see where the movies you love are made.

  4. Drop by some of the museums

    The area offers several spots for history buffs, such as   Martial Arts History Museum, where you can learn about the history of martial arts in the US, or Travel Town Museum, with outdoor train exhibits and a mini-train ride.

  5. Stroll the NoHo Arts District

    If you’re an art lover, visit the galleries and theatres this hip area is well-known for. You can also take a break in the relaxed atmosphere of one of the local cafés or craft beer bars.

Whatever your tastes, you’ll surely have a great time exploring the vicinity of Burbank Airport! 

How early should you arrive at Burbank Airport?

Burbank Airport boasts its flexibility and casual atmosphere. Generally, passengers don’t have to wait for a long time at security checkpoints as the queues move fast. To stay on the safe side, you should arrive at the airport at least an hour before the departure of your flight. If it’s a busy time of the year, such as during the holidays, it’s recommended that you get to the airport at least an hour and a half earlier.

What is the safest airport to Pasadena car service?

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