A Visitor’s Guide to Tijuana: Part 1

Mexico is home to some of the most captivating cities in the world. With its glorious landscapes and vibrant locales, Tijuana is definitely on this list. Whether you’re coming to the city on a business trip, spending your honeymoon there, or traveling through Tijuana to Los Angeles via a private car service, you can’t go wrong by taking the time to visit some of its most famous landmarks.

In this article, we’ll help you make the most of your visit by listing 5 of the most memorable landmarks the city has to offer. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Tijuana best known for?

Whether you’re traveling with your little ones or invited your parents or grandparents to tag along, here are some of the areas you should visit in Tijuana: 

1. Tijuana Cultural Center 

No adventure in Tijuana is complete without admiring the Tijuana Cultural Center. Ever since its opening in 1982, this gem has attracted thousands of tourists all year long. Some of the most famous parts of this Center are its spherical shape, live performances, aquarium, and countless exhibitions.

2. El Trompo

Speaking of exhibitions, El Trompo offers plenty of those. It’s a family-friendly institution that features cerebral games, cultural shows, and other learning experiences. The goal of each event is to teach you how science is incorporated into every aspect of life. There’s even a robotics workshop and a 3D cinema for hours of entertainment.

3. Casa de la Cultura 

Tijuana is one of Mexico’s hotspots. What makes it so significant is Casa de la Cultura, which was recently declared a place of historical heritage. If you head to this site, you’ll see that it bridges the gap between Mexico and the USA.

That’s because the facility was modeled after an elementary school in Yuma. It didn’t veer too far off its educational purpose, considering it has libraries, workshops, exhibitions, and many other educational areas.

4. Plaza Santa Cecilia

If you wish to take a trip through history, there’s no better place to do so than Plaza Santa Cecilia. It was one of the first sites established by the original settlers. In fact, this is where Tijuana everyone knows and loves was born (more specifically, at the crossroads of La Revu and First Street).

Besides its historical value, Plaza Santa Cecilia provides endless fun. There’s a whole host of restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy. Best of all, the romantic tunes of the local Mariachi take the experience to a new level.

5. Pasaje Rodriguez 

Pasaje Rodriguez is a small alley, but this doesn’t mean you should stay away from it on your journey. On the contrary, the charming area is chock-full of positive vibes, palatable food, and artwork. The place comes to life on Fridays when the town folk organize festive parties and exhibitions.

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