San Diego Solo Travel Guide

When choosing a destination as a lone traveler, you want to pick a place that’s jam-packed with solo-friendly activities. You should also go to a city with nice weather, rich cultures, and a premium black car service to help you get around more easily. Why not book your stay in San Diego, CA? 

This California gem checks all the above boxes and is perfect if you like traveling alone. We’ll tell you why that’s the case by listing all the amazing things you can do here that will ensure a memorable adventure. Keep reading!  

Is San Diego a good place to travel alone?

Is San Diego a good place to travel alone

Absolutely. San Diego is one of the best places to travel alone. Keep in mind that San Diego isn’t just good for lone tourists. It’s also an ideal destination if you want to bond with your loved one due to its warm, welcoming environment. Whether you want to enjoy the place with your partner by strolling on a beach, shopping, or going on a ferry ride, San Diego won’t let you down.

What to do in San Diego as a solo traveler?

If you’re ready to explore the city on your own, here are a few ideas to help elevate your journey: 

Stroll through the Gaslamp Quarter 

Gaslamp Quarter walking tours are available every Thursday, so be sure to jump on board if you’re there. You’ll learn a lot about the area’s history and make friends along the way. Plus, the route includes a number of historical buildings, such as the Davis-Horton House and Louis Bank of Commerce. 

Hike to Cowles Mountain 

Cowles Mountain is the highest spot in the city, but the ascent isn’t too challenging. On the contrary, the path to the peak is only 1.5 miles long, making it popular among hikers of all skills. If you conquer the summit alone, you’ll enjoy peaceful surroundings and scenic views of the entire San Diego County. 

Go whale watching 

Speaking of majestic views, it hardly gets any better than watching marine life dominating the waters near San Diego. This area is home to many aquatic animals, including the glorious gray whale. 

Migrating from nearby lagoons, they’re easily spotted near the coast all summer long. The best way to see these wondrous creatures is to embark on one of numerous boat tours, which are specifically designed for whale watching. 

Take a trip through history at the USS Midway Museum 

The USS Midway is a colossal aircraft carrier turned museum. Here, you can learn all about the storied history of this vessel through interactive displays, flight deck exhibits, and aircraft galleries. Visitors can explore the museum at their own pace, making it perfect for solo journeys. 

Experience the vibrant Balboa Park 

Balboa Park is one of the largest parks in California and abounds in solo-friendly sights. From gardens and art installations to street vendors and the legendary San Diego Zoo, the park alone has pretty much all you need to make your stay in San Diego worthwhile. 

What black car service should I hire in San Diego, CA? 

What to do in San Diego as a solo traveler

San Diego is teeming with awe-inspiring places, but how do you get from one spot to the next fast? After all, the last thing you want is to waste time in public transit and risk missing an event or two on your must-see list. 

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