Top 7 Must-See Sights in LA

Are you planning a trip to the City of Angels? Are you looking forward to sampling LA’s rich, diverse culture and visiting its many celebrity hotspots? There are lots of exciting things to do in LA, so research its extensive offer beforehand and work out your travel itinerary.

Don’t be discouraged by LA’s busy, slow traffic. Get on the move by hiring a classy car service. A reputable car company will take you around town safely and quickly, so you can check out all the famous sights hassle-free. 

What should you not miss in LA?

Whether you’re a culture vulture, a party person or a shopaholic, Los Angeles has a lot for you to enjoy. Regardless of your age, tastes and background, there is sure to be a fun activity or location to see. Here are some of the top-rated, tourist approved sights you should certainly look around when in Los Angeles:

  1. The Griffith Observatory

    Get to see interesting science and space exhibits and take part in organized planetarium shows. It’s all free of charge!

  2. Rodeo Drive

    If you’ve got some money to spare, go shopping in Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive offers a wide range of stores, which feature everything from affordable to luxurious brands.

  3. Universal Studios

    Have a tour of the movie sets of your favorite blockbusters and brush shoulders with the stars for a classic LA experience.

  4. The Getty Center

    View the outstanding collection of works of art housed at the Getty. Marvel at the paintings of great masters and take advantage of the breathtaking view of the city.

  5. The Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Take a stroll down the legendary strip of the star-laden sidewalk. Be closer than ever to show biz greats who’ve made history.

  6. Arts District

    Check out LA’s art scene, mingle with creative people in galleries and take great photos of quirky wall art. You could also try some good quality beer at one of the breweries.

  7. Disneyland

    A favorite among tourists of all ages, the best-known theme park in the world provides great fun for the whole family.

How many days do you need in LA?

Are you in doubt about how to organize your business trip to LA? Do you think your layover is too short to browse the city, so you’d rather have a power nap at LAX instead of rushing? 

Getting to know the many fabulous LA sights is a handful. A thorough visit of the must-sees requires at least three to five days. However, even if you’re short on time, don’t allow yourself to miss out on the beauty of the city completely. Pick the one destination you’re most interested in and go for it.

Have a great time and give your contribution to Californian tourism, which is promoted by the California Office Of Tourism.

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Jump right into the bustling atmosphere of the thrilling city of LA and look around the legendary landmarks. You’ll make wonderful memories to cherish forever!

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