LAX to San Diego Drive: Tips for Renting a Charter Bus Service

You’ve hired a shuttle to LAX from San Diego, but your group has increased in size, and you’ve found yourself in a spot of bother. Why not hire a charter bus? The benefits are the same as with a shuttle bus, the only difference being the number of seats. A charter bus is perfect for even the biggest and most demanding of groups – yes, even if they consist of firm believers in pleasure and luxury. But, how do I find the best company to hire from? Well, here are some tips on how to select a premium transportation company, and make your LAX to San Diego drive – or your trip from San Diego to LAX, for that matter – as enjoyable as it can be.

Safety record

Safety is always a top priority – even more so when it comes to transportation. In order to assure that the LAX to San Diego drive is as safe as possible, the first thing you should do is check the private transportation company’s safety record.

You can do it online. Just visit the DOT (Department of Transportation) website, and do a search. All you need is the company name, nothing more. The best safety rating is satisfactory, and we recommend not to settle for anything less than that.


Maintenance is closely connected to safety. Yes, safety records are one thing, but they’re in the past. If you want to know how safe the vehicle is, as about how often it is maintained and checked.

This should be done on a regular basis, as frequently as possible, preferably after an LAX to San Diego drive. Also, ask if the driver does the final check-ups before setting off. A deflated tire might sound banal, but it really isn’t.


If the safety record of the company cuts the mustard, you can turn to the other side of the same coin – licensing. If you want to ensure your LAX to San Diego drive goes smoothly, ensure that the private transportation company possesses all the necessary licenses.

Also, you can ask about any additional permits that may be required, such as a permit to enter airport grounds. It’s always better to ask in advance, than to find yourself stranded on the road because the company turned out to be less than completely professional.


This is the person that’ll be driving the vehicle you and your party will be riding in. This is the person that will directly affect the pleasantness and the safety of the entire LAX to San Diego drive.

So, why not ask about that as well? All the best private transportation company thoroughly vet their drivers. They also undergo a series of detailed training sessions and stringent background checks. This information should always be available to the client, and it is the only way to be certain that the bus, and your group, is in good hands.


You’re paying for it, and you want the motorcoach to be equipped in the best possible way. That is why you should always inquire about amenities and additional services that the company can offer.

Not every bus is the same when it comes to amenities. Some have bathrooms, others TVs or coffee makers. Perhaps you can do without coffee, but it would be nice to have a bathroom in case nature calls. Or, maybe, you have some special requests in terms of additional service.

Whatever it is you need or want, you should get it! That is one of the reasons for hiring private transportation – the possibility to arrange matters to your liking. Don’t settle. If they can’t provide, look further.


Alright, it might sound to some that we’re starting no nitpick a bit, but we really aren’t. What good are the amenities if they’re not cleaned properly. Honestly, who would like to walk into a dirty bathroom?

We didn’t think so. If you want to save yourself from surprises, ask whether the hygienic conditions are up to par. Ask how frequently the buses are scrubbed down, and if they hire professionals or not. This will help you get a clearer picture of the state of the bus that might pick you up.

Emergency plan

Emergencies happen, and you can never actually be completely prepared for them. But, here’s the thing – when hiring private transportation, you don’t have to be. If an emergency were to occur during your LAX to San Diego drive, it is not you who should be prepared, but rather the transportation company.

So, if you can, get the information regarding emergency situation procedure. Ask about their contingency plans. If you like the answers, as well as everything prior to that, then you can think about doing business.


But not before doing the final stage of negotiations – coming to terms on a rate. Private transportation costs money, as it should. But, you cannot go over your budget only to hire the best company.

So, finally, the price has to be right to. Little does it matter if you’ve found the best transportation company in the world, only to realize you cannot afford its services. It all comes down to money.

But it doesn’t, not really. Most of the time is a wise choice to pay a bit extra for perfection. So at least think about it. It’ not like you hire private transportation every day. Or maybe you do? Well, we’re sure you get a regular client discount then.

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