How To Travel Between LAX And Pasadena?

Are you traveling between LAX Airport and Pasadena? With legendary sights and endless sandy beaches, California is a beautiful and exciting place to be. However, you’ll have to plan out your stay beforehand so potential transport issues don’t get the best of you. Booking a fantastic car service from LAX Airport to Pasadena is the best thing you can do in order to travel hassle-free.

Is Pasadena far from Los Angeles?

Is Pasadena far from Los Angeles?

Pasadena is a lovely city located in Los Angeles County, California. It’s a short distance from Los Angeles, so if you’re visiting it, you could also take a quick trip to LA. The flying distance between these cities is only 9 miles, while the driving distance is 11 miles. 

If you’re traveling by car, at a speed of 50 mph, you’ll reach Downtown LA in approximately 20 minutes. Say hello to Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive and other famous LA landmarks in a matter of minutes! 

How far is it from Pasadena to the beach?

One of the best things about staying in California is being close to the ocean! Dip your toes into the clear waters of the Pacific and bask in the sun on one of the many breath-taking beaches. 

For example, Santa Monica Beach is 25 miles away from Pasadena. To get there, you’ll need to travel for about 30 minutes by car following the I-10 route. Visit the Santa Monica Pier, marvel at the magnificent California sunsets and spend a day swimming, surfing or playing beach volleyball.

On days when you’re not into going to the beach, opt for sightseeing in Old Town Pasadena because there’s a lot to do. Take in the atmosphere of the bustling city or relax surrounded by the soothing greenery of Descanso Gardens. Check Pasadena weather so you avoid spending long hours outdoors during the hottest times of day. 

How far is it from Pasadena to the beach

How do I get from LAX to Pasadena?

 When choosing one, it’s important Here are the most common ways to reach Pasadena once you land at LAX:

  • Take the bus and tram: Take the LAX FlyAway Bus, which leaves every 30 minutes, and get off at LA Union Station. The ride will take about 30 minutes. At Union Station, you should get on the LA Metro Gold Line tram, which connects Pasadena and LA. You can catch the tram every 15 minutes. You’ll arrive at Pasadena’s Memorial Park Station in about 25 minutes. So, if you pick these means of transport, you’ll go from LAX to Pasadena in 55 minutes total.
  • Contact Uber: Uber can pick you up at LAX. Request a ride using the Uber app and a car will be there for you shortly.
  • Hire a car service: Hire a dependable car service to go from Pasadena to Los Angeles safely and comfortably. With a dependable transport company, you’ll get to your destination in under 35 minutes, which is the fastest and the most convenient way to cover the distance. What is more, a reputable car service drivers go through a stringent vetting process, unlike Uber drivers, so it’s the safest option available. You can schedule a luxury ride in advance and have a car waiting for you. 

Is there an amazing car service from LAX Airport to Pasadena?

If you’re planning a trip to California, you’re in need of useful tips for keeping travel stress at a minimum. Check out some things to do in the vicinity of LAX, discover must-see sights in LA, and find out how to pass time at LAX Airport while waiting. Also, hire #1 car service for a worry-free business trip to LA.

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