How to Take Advantage of Pasadena at Night

If you’re planning a trip to Pasadena, lots of unforgettable experiences are ahead of you! Make wonderful memories at the City of Roses by choosing from its rich offer of breathtaking tourist attractions and engaging activities. Make the most out of your stay and check out the city’s exciting nightlife. 

Do you want to get around town quickly and hassle-free? No problem. A comfortable ride by a reputable Pasadena car service from LAX can be booked quickly and effortlessly. Get ready because the best places to sample Pasadena’s nightlife await. Have the time of your life in California!

What is there to do in Pasadena at night?

Do you already know the things that Pasadena is known for? Have you already planned out a visit to the Norton Simon Museum and a stroll through the charming Old Town by day? That’s fantastic but what can you do for fun at night? Find out more about where to go and what to do when you’re in Pasadena when the sun goes down:

  1. Eat well at 626 Night Market.

    Become a part of the bustling crowd and taste delicious snacks from the many food stands, as well as live music performances, dancing, souvenirs and lots more!

  2. Go to a bar and party hard until morning.

    For example, The Speakeasy is popular because of its relaxed atmosphere and great music. Dance the night away, meet the locals and feel the pulse of the city!

  3. All foodies out there will love sampling exquisite dishes.

    Pasadena boasts many exclusive, top-quality restaurants. Whether you prefer Mediterranean or Asian cuisine, you’ll be able to treat your palate to an array of international culinary delicacies.

  4. Have a laugh at one of the amazing comedy clubs.

    The Ice House is one of the favorites because it has hosted some of the biggest comedians today. End a perfect day of sightseeing with a stand-up comedy show that will make you laugh your head off!

  5. Visit an escape room, such as The Bunker House.

    Transport yourself into a different world. Go on a thrilling adventure you’ll never forget!

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How far is Pasadena from Downtown LA?

Pasadena is a Californian gem with a prime location. It can be reached from Downtown LA in 20 minutes’ time by car if you’re going at 50 mph because it’s only 11 miles away. Since the two cities are so near, hopping over to Los Angeles is highly recommended for all Pasadena visitors. 

However, if you’re thinking of driving a rental car or taking public transport to LA, you’re running the risk of getting stuck in LA’s notoriously slow traffic. Avoid spoiling your holiday by navigating heavy traffic on your own and book a ride with an outstanding car company instead. A professional driver will take you wherever you want quickly and safely!

What is the finest Pasadena car service to LAX?

Would you like the ultimate California experience with none of the hassle busy traffic may bring? Find out what airport is closest to Pasadena. Then reach out to Stay Classy LAX, a car company dedicated to providing clients with premium services.

Booking a ride with us is simple and straightforward. Our drivers are experienced and skilled, with an in-depth knowledge of the entire region. On top of that, the vehicles you’ll ride in are fast, elegant and modern.

Check how early to get to Burbank Airport and we’ll transport you there, as well as give you a lift whenever and wherever you need it in Pasadena. Glide through the city, taking in the marvels of Pasadena by looking out the window of a world-class vehicle. Let Stay Classy LAX be your expert guide to California!

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