How to Navigate Traffic to LAX?

The huge number of passengers that flock to LAX yearly makes it one of the most crowded airports in the world. However, this incredible statistic also makes it notoriously difficult to navigate, especially at peak times. It is currently undergoing an extensive renovation project, which is intended to improve passenger experience. However, passengers navigating this beehive are left to their own devices until the renovation is completed. 

How do I get to LAX airport

Add the city’s propensity for traffic congestion to the mix and what you get is a lot of exasperated passengers. Trying to figure out how to avoid busy traffic on your way to LAX isn’t easy, but it is manageable, with a few expert tips. For example, keep track of LA traffic via live maps or book the best car service to LAX on time.

How do I get to LAX airport?

There are several transport possibilities available for passengers flying in and out of LAX:

  • Train or bus: The Metro Green Line runs near the airport and there’s a free shuttle bus that will take you to its station. It’s low-cost but not the most comfortable, especially if you have lots of luggage. There are also a few bus lines which use this station. 
  • Shared shuttle: Passengers can get on board a shuttle, which is an affordable option, but it may take lots of time because of the pick-up and drop-off of other passengers.
  • Car sharing services: This is a popular option. Pick-up for these services has been moved to LAX-it, a separate lot east of Terminal 1, accessed by a shuttle or on foot.
  • Professional car services: You can easily arrange for a luxury car to drop you off at LAX, which eliminates the usual stress of hailing rides or waiting for public transport.

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Can I walk to LAX?

You may be tempted to try reaching LAX on foot when you are traveling light. It may even be a great way to save some time when you are running late and the traffic is backed up. Also, you’ll be out in fresh air rather than stuck in a vehicle. However, it might not be as convenient as you would expect.

It is possible to arrive at LAX on foot. It will be fairly quick from some of the nearby hotels. Pilots and flight attendants who stay at the accommodation in the vicinity of the airport often get to work on foot. However, the results of a survey conducted among LAX passengers showed that almost all of them came to the airport using a vehicle. This is because the walk isn’t usually very comfortable, since you’ll be running into people, luggage and vehicles.  

How can I avoid traffic at LAX?


If you’re landing during rush hours, such as Fridays between 3 and 5 p.m., the airport and the city are likely to be swarming with people. While some passengers don’t mind waiting it out near the airport, others prefer the effortless comfort of booking a professional ride to the hotel. 

You can track LA’s traffic by using a live map online. Watch out for construction alerts at the LAX website and check out how pick up is organized at LAX to reduce your time roaming the airport trying to find a way out.

What is the absolute best car service to LAX?

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