Choosing a Reliable Non Emergency Medical Transportation Service in San Diego

The job of San Diego medical transportation services is to make sure that patients or disabled individuals who are unable to travel on their own can still arrive at their medical appointments or treatment facilities safely and on time.

So how can you find a dependable non emergency medical transportation company? What’s included in non emergency medical transportation anyway? Is non emergency medical transport covered by Medicaid?

In this article, we’ll shed light on some of the common questions people have about non emergency medical transportation. Keep reading to learn more.

Is non medical transportation right for me?

The answer to this question depends on the specific health condition you or the people in your care are dealing with. Individuals who are facing imminently life-threatening issues (heart attack, stroke, excessive bleeding, etc.) require emergency transportation, rather than non emergency.

Non emergency medical transportation is used in cases when a patient isn’t in the immediate danger of dying, but is still unable to travel without assistance. This may be due to chronic illnesses, physical or mental disabilities, post-op recovery, or other factors.

For instance, wheelchair and transport chair sizes make traveling independently difficult if not outright impossible. Non emergency medical transportation companies use specially outfitted vehicles that can comfortably transport wheelchair-bound passengers.

How much is non emergency medical transportation?

As with most transportation services, the final price depends on a series of factors that are unique to individual clients. In other words, no two rides are quite the same, so there’s no such thing as a universal non emergency medical transportation cost.

The final quote is determined based on:

  • How many passengers there are.
  • Whether the ride is a round or one-way trip.
  • Distance between drop-off and pick-up locations.
  • Whether extra time is needed.
  • Any other specific requirements the passengers may have.

Luckily, reputable non emergency transportation companies in San Diego can be easily contacted via phone or email. This way, you can get in touch with them, describe your situation and your needs, and receive a quote first-hand.

How fast can I book non emergency medical transportation in San Diego, CA

Like every other successful industry in the 21st century, top-of-the-line companies that provide non emergency medical transportation services have gone online. Their Internet presence comes in the form of first-rate websites that offer all the info a client may need.

More importantly, a first-rate transportation company’s website also contains an easy-to-use online booking system that allows you to get your quote and quickly schedule a ride from any device with just a few taps or clicks.

These online booking forms typically ask for:

  • Pick-up time and date
  • Number of passengers
  • Extra time (if needed)
  • Pick-up address
  • Drop-off address

Online booking forms for non emergency transportation also enable you to choose between a one-way trip, return trip, or even an hourly ride. Of course, rides can also be scheduled the old fashioned way: via phone.

Top-notch San Diego medical transportation services are at your fingertips

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