San Diego Airport Survival Guide: Part I

Carlsbad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in California. Considering the vibrant culture and all the scenic areas of this city, it’s no surprise you can’t wait to explore it. But if you’re flying in from another state, the challenges of going through the San Diego Airport can make your trip a lot less fun.

Before you leave San Diego Airport and go to Carlsbad, CA, you need to pass your security check and understand the difference between the airport’s terminals. In the first part of our SAN survival guide, we’ll help you do just that by answering some common questions about the airport’s security and terminals. Read on to learn more.

San Diego airport to Carlsbad, CA

How long does it take to get through security at the San Diego airport? 

There are some differences between San Diego Airport and other California airports, but they have one thing in common: your plane can land at any time of the day. Once it does, it’s only natural that you should ask how long it’ll take you to receive security clearance.

Here’s the answer: the average wait times at San Diego Airport are approximately 15 minutes. If you want to receive your security clearance the fastest (in about 3-4 minutes), you should book a flight between 10 and 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Conversely, the longest wait times occur between 10 and 11 am on Mondays (33-38 minutes).

There are a few ways to speed up your security check:

  • Sign up for TSA PreCheck: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a program that lets you go through security more quickly than others. Known as PreCheck, it eliminates the need to take off your shoes or remove your laptops and liquids when being scanned.
  • Wear shoes you can easily take off: If you don’t enroll in TSA PreCheck, wear no-lace shoes you can take off easily.
  • Organize your backpack properly: It’s hard to inspect individual items in a backpack if they’re crammed on top of one another. Avoid this by folding your clothes neatly and organizing various objects with packing cubes. Also, empty any water bottles before arriving at the airport.

What is the difference between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at San Diego airport?

San Diego Airport has two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. They’re right next to each other, enabling you to reach connecting flights faster. Parking garages and ground transportation are also located outside each building. 

But what’s the difference between these terminals? The biggest difference between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport is that Terminal 1 is slightly smaller. Nevertheless, about 50% of all passengers still go through this terminal, which is slated for reconstruction.

There are two other differences between these terminals: 

  • Types of flights: On the one hand, Terminal 1 primarily processes domestic flights. On the other hand, Terminal 2 mainly serves international and regional aircraft. 
  • Interconnected concourses: Terminal 1 doesn’t have interconnected concourses. By contrast, the concourses in Terminal 2 are linked within a protected area, which lets you access various amenities more easily. 
car service ride from San Diego airport to Carlsbad, CA

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