How To Make Sure You Always Catch Your Flight?

Being late for a flight is one of the most frustrating transportation-related problems you can have. In addition to being costly, it forces you to change your plans and spend hours waiting for the next flight. And worst of all: it may not even be your fault.

Traffic jams, rough weather, and incompetent taxi or public transportation drivers can all cause you to miss your flight. A reputable San Diego to LAX transportation service can ensure you get to the airport on time, but it’s up to you to organize your trip in a way that prevents unnecessary waiting.

We previously explained how to safely travel to and from an airport and how to make best use of your time in San Diego. Now we’ll reveal a few tried-and-true practices that will keep you from being late for your flight ever again. Read on to learn more.

How long should I arrive before a flight?

As a rule of thumb, you should always show up at the airport at least two hours before your domestic flight is scheduled to depart. If you’re taking an international flight, you should do your best to arrive no less than three hours before your departure time.

If you’re an inexperienced flier (or you’re using an unfamiliar airport), arriving earlier will give you ample time to get your bearings and not rush things. Even if you’re a seasoned flier who goes on frequent business trips to San Diego, it’s still a good idea to get there earlier.

Holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas are extremely busy times for airports. You may find yourself waiting in unusually long lines or dealing with extra-vigilant airport security. Coming early is highly advised in these cases.

Do I need to arrive 2 hours before my flight?

There’s no rule that states how late or early you have to arrive for a flight. However, airports follow strict procedures that are designed with safety in mind. This means you can’t just rush through the gates and board a plane like you would a bus or a train.

Also, boarding ends at least 20 minutes before takeoff. For example, if you arrive at your 5pm flight at 4:50, you almost certainly won’t be allowed to board. This is because airlines have to run a strict schedule, and the boarding ramps need to be moved away from the plane before it can take off.

Also, the later you get to the airport, the higher the chance that something will go wrong and cause you to remain stranded while your plane takes to the skies without you.

Complications that can cause you to lose time include:

  • Long waiting lines,
  • Technical problems with airport electronics,
  • Having to take some stuff out of your bag (if your bag is too heavy),
  • Security-related problems.

Can I check in 12 hours before the flight?

This depends on the specific airline you’re using. Normally, airlines allow you to check-in online up to 24 hours prior to your departure time. Doing this will also enable you to choose your seat, pay for any checked bags, and fill in passport information (if your flight is international).

Once you’ve checked in online, you’ll either get a mobile boarding pass or a paper version that has to be printed out at home. Never arrive without a paper copy of the boarding pass unless you’re 100% certain the airport supports mobile boarding passes.

Where can I find dependable transportation from San Diego to LAX?

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