How to Stay Safe as a Solo Traveler in LA

How to keep safe when traveling to LA

If you’re looking for your next destination as a solo traveler, it doesn’t get much better than Los Angeles. Home to some of the most impressive landscapes and vibrant cultures in the nation, this California gem is perfect for lone exploration. But since you won’t have any companions, the main thing you may be worried about is how to ensure safety during your journey. That’s exactly what we’ll help you with. 

From choosing safe accommodation and hiring a reliable car service from SNA to LAX, CA, to exploring neighborhoods wisely, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your solo trip to LA a memorable and secure experience. Keep reading! 

Is LA safe?

Absolutely. Los Angeles is perfectly safe for solo travelers. In fact, you can have one of the most amazing experiences when exploring this city alone, especially if you stay in West LA or any of its upscale districts. 

How to keep safe when traveling to LA?

The City of Angeles is safe for solo travelers, but this doesn’t mean you should embark on your adventure without some planning. Here’s how to prepare for your journey properly

Get an extra cash stash 

Traveling to LA is by no means dangerous, but like with any destination, there’s a risk of being pickpocketed. It’s always wise to be cautious if you prefer using cash, so consider this tip to safeguard your funds. The easiest target for potential thieves is any cash you leave in plain sight, so designate a safe stash before you go. Money belts are a good option.

Also, try to minimize the amount of cash you carry to reduce the risk of becoming a pickpocket’s target. Card payments are more prevalent in LA, so the less cash you have on you, the less likely you are to become a pickpocket’s target. 

Consider an RFID-blocking wallet 

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) scans can happen pretty much anywhere, including Los Angeles. Criminals using this tactic have specialized RFID scanners that can steal credit card information when they get close. If they succeed, nothing stops them from making fraudulent purchases.

To stop this from happening on your trip to LA, consider getting an RFID-blocking wallet. Made of aluminum or carbon fiber, these wallets block RFID signals to safeguard your critical data. 

Put your valuables in pickpocket-proof backpacks 

Thief-proof backpacks feature zipper lockdowns to prevent criminals from opening them and stealing your possessions. Wear one of these in LA to avoid looking over your shoulder in crowded places. 

Hire a car service 

When traveling to Los Angeles, opting for a reputable car service can enhance safety and convenience, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the city’s sprawling layout. Prioritize a well-established company with positive reviews and a track record of reliability to ensure a smooth and secure journey.  

Bring essential documents only 

The fewer documents you bring, the lesser the harm if you lose some of your items. Some are essential (e.g., passport, visa, and travel insurance), but you can do without others, like your checkbook and social insurance card. 

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