A Guide to LAX Pickup Rules

If you’re supposed to pick up someone from LAX, you must be bracing yourself for the challenge. Airports can often be hectic and overwhelming, especially if they’re as busy and large as Los Angeles International Airport. It is notorious for its constant construction work and its jam-packed “horseshoe”, which connects the nine terminals.

Whether you’re a passenger waiting for a pickup or the person meeting someone who’s arriving at LAX, what you need is a rundown of LAX pickup rules. A convenient alternative to having a friend pick you up is to hire a trustworthy LAX car service to meet you and drop you off wherever you want to go.

How do you get picked up at LAX?

Now that you’ve checked if LAX is open and decided to book your plane ticket to California, you must have many questions, such as if you can walk to LAX or how to get through LAX quickly. Another thing to sort out is what pickup options there are at this airport.  There are several ways to go about it, depending on who’s picking you up.

How do you get picked up at LAX

Someone you know

LAX’s nine terminals form a U-shape, inside of which all passengers used to be picked up and dropped off. This area has long been notorious for traffic congestion. Thanks to some recent changes, a friend or family member can now pick you up at the outer curb, without fighting heavy traffic.

Professional car service

A luxury car can pick passengers up on the outer curb of their arrival terminal. At a small extra fee, a driver can even wait for you at baggage claim and assist with your baggage. This is the most convenient form of airport transportation.

Ridesharing service or cab

While professional car services still offer curbside pickups, ridesharing services and cabs pickups have been moved to a separate lot accessible by an airport shuttle. This is a new addition to the airport, called LAX-it, introduced in order to decrease traffic congestion.

Can car services pick up at LAX?

For travelers who value comfort above all else, booking the services of a reputable car company will provide the way out from the hustle and bustle of LAX. After you make a reservation, the car service will keep track of your flight’s arrival time. The driver will then reach out to you when you land. You will be picked up on the curb at the designated time and dropped off at your desired location.

Where should I meet my chauffeur at LAX Airport?

When you claim your baggage, you should contact your private car driver, telling them which zone you’re in. The car will arrive shortly for your curbside pickup. If you require some help with your baggage, there are companies which can send the driver out to meet you in the baggage claim area and accompany you to the vehicle. 

Which popular LAX car service is the one for me?

Can car services pick up at LAX

Will you soon be on your way to Los Angeles? Consult the Transportation Security Administration’s COVID-19 website to get the latest news on coronavirus in California and travel safely. To minimize stress, put an expert car service in charge of your transportation while you’re staying in LA. With a company dedicated to client satisfaction, such as Stay Classy LAX, never fret about catching a bus or cab again. 

You can choose between our standard airport pickup, which means we’ll meet you on the curb after baggage claim, or our meet-and-greet premium upgrade, which involves your driver waiting for you in the baggage claim area and walking you out. We can get you from LAX to Los Angeles State Historic Park or any other location in the LA metro area in a matter of minutes. Give us a call and have an incredible LA experience!

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