How to Reach West Hollywood from the Los Angeles Airport

If you’d like to visit West Hollywood, there are several places nearby that you can fly into. However, if you choose LAX as your landing spot, you might be interested in the available transportation options that can take you to your destination. 

When you land at the Los Angeles airport, a great option is to use private car service for the final part of your trip. However, if you prefer other means of transport, have a look at the following ways to reach West Hollywood

How much does it cost to get from LAX to West Hollywood

How do I get from LAX to West Hollywood?

There are different options you can take depending on your needs and preferences. If traveling by car is your way, there are several options available:

  • Taxi. There are three locations where you can pick it up – LAX‐it by Terminal 1, Parking Structure 3, and outside of baggage claim at Terminal 7. 
  • Ride App. There are 3 authorized providers at LAX – Uber, Opoli, and Lyft. You can pick them up next to Terminal 1 at LAX‐it.
  • Private car service. They can pick you up at the curb area across the terminal you will be arriving at. 

How can I go to West Hollywood without a car?

In case you’d like to use public transport rather than any type of car ride, take a look at the following list: 

  • Bus and metro. There are several lines you can take, but none of them is a direct one. However, the shortest route, which takes about one and a half hours, combines FlyAway Bus, Union Station Metro, and the Vermont to Fairfax bus line. 
  • Shuttle. The shuttle will take you to West Hollywood in about 20 minutes, but it runs on demand, and it can pick you up at your arrival terminal. 

How much does it cost to get from LAX to West Hollywood?

When you plan your budget for a trip, things like cost of living in that area and what you’d like to do make the most important points. For a complete list of expenses, you might want to check the cost of the ride for this destination. Of course, the price will vary depending on different factors, which match those you use to choose the preferred type of transport. The 3 most important criteria are:

How can I go to West Hollywood without a car
  • The time of transfer
  • The location – where you can pick it up and get off 
  • The comfort

The fastest way that can get you exactly to your desired location and give you the best comfort will definitely be the most expensive option. In this case, that’s a private car service since it meets all of these criteria. 

On the other hand, the cheapest option is quite the opposite, and it’s the bus. You need to get on and off at bus stops and take several transfers. The trip also lasts longer, without offering too much comfort. 

Other options combine different levels of the criteria, setting the price approximately between private car and bus. 

What companies close to the Los Angeles airport offer dependable car service to West Hollywood?

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