Insider’s Guide: Navigating Your Los Angeles Trip Like a Local

With all its incredible sights and rich culture, it’s no wonder you’ve chosen Los Angeles as your next destination. You may have even arranged for a reputable town car service to take you from San Diego, CA, to LAX, but arriving there is just the first step. You need to find a way to get around the city like a local and navigate the traffic to make the most of your stay. 

That’s exactly what this insider’s guide to LA will help you with. Keep reading to find out how to get around the City of Angels effortlessly. 

How do I get around LA? 

Whether your main goal is to sunbathe at some of the most captivating beaches in California or admire countless historical sites of this area, Los Angeles won’t let you down. But before you come up with an itinerary, you first need to decide on your mode of transport. Here are the most common options:

1. Private transportation 

How do I get around LA

You can visit La La Land at any time of the day and have a memorable stay in this city. Many agree that mornings are the best time to drive to your destination due to less traffic, but whenever you depart, one thing’s for sure: private transport is the best way to navigate the town. 

Here’s how the service works: 

  • You contact your transporter and provide the necessary information, including the pick-up and drop-off points and time of arrival. 
  • The provider makes various arrangements to make your ride more comfortable, such as installing child seats. 
  • The driver picks you up and takes you to your destination while allowing you to choose the route, which is great if you wish to see specific parts of LA. 

Besides being customizable, private car services also eliminate the need to share a vehicle with strangers. On top of that, some companies have luxury SUVs packed with features to keep you comfortable throughout the journey: 

  • Leather seats 
  • Automatic air conditioning 
  • Internet access 
  • Drinks 

2. Taxi 

You can find taxis on pretty much any corner in LA, enabling you to catch a ride pretty quickly. However, there are several problems with cabs. First, they’re often outdated vehicles with unreliable air conditioning and questionable safety features.

Then there are impolite drivers. Some taxi companies are notorious for their rude staff, making the transportation experience even worse. That being the case, it’s easy to see why private transportation is superior to cabs.

3. Public transit

You should only use public transit as a last resort. Public buses easily get stuck in traffic due to their size, and the lack of privacy makes them unsuitable for individuals and families who need a tranquil LA getaway.

What’s the #1 town car service that can take me from San Diego, CA, to LAX

What’s the #1 town car service that can take me from San Diego, CA, to LAX? 

Now that there’s no doubt that a private car service is the most convenient method to navigate LA, all that remains is to choose a provider that will take you to the Getty Center and other cool places. Look no further than Stay Classy Transportation.

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