A Guide to Scheduling Airport Car Transportation

When preparing for a trip, you think about whether you’ve packed everything, if your passport and wallet are in your bag, getting to the airport in time, and arriving safely at your destination. However, you don’t really think about how to go from the airport to your Airbnb, or how to come home if you’re coming back from a trip.

Private airport transportation, let’s say from Carlsbad to LAX, will handle your pick-up and take you to your destination so you won’t have to worry about that. So, how exactly can you schedule your transport once you get off your plane? How early after landing can you expect your driver to pick you up? Do you know where you’ll meet them once you’ve gotten your luggage and have passed the customs? Let’s break it all down.

How early after my landing time should I schedule my airport pick-up service?

How early after my landing time should I schedule my airport pick-up service

If you’re using an airport pick-up service, you should provide a time frame for your driver so they can pick you up just in time. How long it will take for you once you get out of the plane depends on the amount of your luggage. So, how do you know what luggage actually is? Any bags you check in that go into the cargo part of the aircraft are luggage.

Everything else you bring with you is considered a carry-on. Having luggage means you’ll have to wait for it once you get off the plane. In this case, you should schedule your pick-up around 30-40 minutes after your flight landing time.

On the other hand, having only a carry-on bag gives you around 20 minutes from landing to getting out of the airport, so that’s when you should arrange with your driver to pick you up.

Where will I meet my driver once I arrive at the airport?

Usually, every driver will be waiting for you at the arrival part of the airport, so you can meet them just after you’ve passed customs. It’s up to you and your arrangement with the car service whether the driver will be holding a sign with your name on it, or you’ll agree on the exact spot they’ll be waiting at.

For instance, it could be in front of Starbucks, second door to the left. All of this can be pre-arranged with the company you chose for your pick-up, so once you land, you’ll know where to find your driver. Of course, you will have the driver’s contact details in case you fail to find each other or if there has been any delay.

This is one of the biggest selling points of private car transportation. You receive absolute customization of your services and you can fine-tune them according to your specific requirements. Talk about convenience.

What airport transportation should I use from Carlsbad to LAX?

Where will I meet my driver once I arrive at the airport

You don’t have to know all about airport car transportation, you just have to know the right place that will be at your service. Stay Classy private car service is your go-to place, whether you live near The Flower Fields or anywhere else in Carlsbad. Our goal is to provide the safest and most comfortable experience, offering different car options, depending on the number of people or the amount of luggage you’re traveling with.

Enjoy a luxurious ride on your way to the airport while looking at lovely scenery, catching up on work, or simply sitting back and relaxing with a drink. Contact us today and our customer service will gladly answer all of your questions, provide the info you need, and schedule your ride.

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