6 Tips on Booking a Limo for a Concert

Before the pandemic hit, private limo transportation was still the best possible option for arriving in concert on time and in style. However, with the emergence of the coronavirus, transportation safety has become an even more important consideration. Today, hiring concert venue transportation to take you to your show in San Diego is not only the best, but the only option you should consider when buying concert tickets. But how do you go about booking a limo?

How to book a limo for a concert?How to book a limo for a concert

If you want to visit a concert during the pandemic, and if you’re planning to take every single precaution once you get there, don’t forget the final piece of the puzzle – private transportation. This is, by far, the safest and most comfortable way to arrive at your venue without worrying about your health. Take a moment to learn how to secure the best possible concert limo service.

Determine the duration of the rental

First and foremost, determine the exact time you need to arrive at your venue, and how long the venue will last. This way, you will provide an adequate time frame for your private transportation provider and allow them to give you an accurate estimate of the costs. In case you’re not 100% sure for how long you’ll need a vehicle, it’s better to overestimate, just in case. 

Be accurate with the head count

Determine how many people you’re taking with you and ensure an accurate head count prior to booking your limo service. Failing to provide a precise number of people in the vehicle, you may end up with a smaller-than-needed transportation that cannot transfer all the passengers. As with the time frame – overestimate rather than underestimate. 

Choose your vehicle

Now comes the fun part – choosing the vehicle you want picking you up at the curb. For all you limo novices out there – there are different types of stretch vehicles, such as party limousines, Hummer limousines, and others. Consult your friends, choose a vehicle you really want, and ensure you get to your concert ready to party. 

Be specific about the details

If you have any special requests regarding your concert transit, it’s best to share them with your private transportation company right away. The more information you provide, the better the limo organization will be. Reputable companies will cater to your specific needs to give you an unforgettable experience during your big night. 

Inquire about the amenities

When discussing special requests, also inquire about the amenities your vehicle of choice has, such as the stereo system, beverage glasses, bottled water, snacks, and other important considerations. This way, you’ll be able to plan your tripbetter and be prepared for it. 

Ask about the health protocols

Finally, but most importantly – see what your provider’s health and safety protocols are. Your health and wellbeing are paramount during the pandemic, which is why you should only hire a private transportation company that stringently follows all CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. This means masks, distance, hand sanitizers, and other vital equipment.

Which company provides dependable and safe concert venue transportation in San Diego?

Which company provides dependable and safe concert venue transportation in San Diego

If you’ve decided to begin your transition towards the “old normal” and attend a live concert during the pandemic, you should definitely be familiar with all the reasons why booking private transportation for your concert venue is the way to go. Besides booking the best limo service for your concert, you should also learn the tips and tricks of enjoying a live show during the pandemic to ensure you get the most out of your concert.

Then, choose a reputable provider of private transportation service for concert venues. This is where Stay Classy Transportation comes into play. We are the go-to limo service company in San Diego and all the surrounding communities. It doesn’t matter if your concert is near the San Diego Zoo or at another location within or near the city. We will get you there promptly and safely, following all CDC COVID-19 guidelines. Give us a call today!

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