Everything You’d Like to Know About the History of LAX

Los Angeles Airport is one of the busiest American airports, dealing with millions of passengers each year. It provides the major gateway to LA and its metropolitan area as well as the whole of the West Coast for many domestic and international visitors. There are nine terminals, from where you can fly in-country as well as to 44 countries the world over. When passengers land at LAX, a premium LAX to Orange County car service can be waiting to take them wherever they need to go.

If you are one of the many regular passengers to LAX but you’ve never looked into the history of this fascinating place, now is the chance to learn more about the long history of LAX, since its conception to its present day popularity.

The History of Los Angeles International Airport

The History of Los Angeles International Airport

LAX is one of the world’s most successful and most famous airports but how did it all start? And what further improvements are in the works? Read up on the evolution of this well-known transport hub.

Early days

The construction of the airport began in 1928. It was called Mines Field. Hangar No.1, the first part of the airport, was finished in 1929. Mines Field started operating in 1930. It got its current name in 1949. At first, the airport didn’t go beyond Sepulveda Boulevard. In the fifties, a tunnel was built so that the Boulevard could change direction and pass underneath the airport’s runways. It was the first aircraft bridge to be built in the world.

The Theme Building, one of the most distinctive features of the airport, was erected in 1961. In the spirit of the Space Age that it was built in, it looks like a spaceship that landed on four legs. For decades, it housed a restaurant, which finally closed down in 2013.

The present

Los Angeles Airport has grown to hold many amazing records. With tens of millions of people passing through it yearly, LAX is the second busiest airport in the USA and the third busiest in the world. In 2019 alone, it served over 88 million passengers. It’s also one of the highest ranked US airports for cargo transport. What is more, it holds the title of the world’s top origin and destination airport. This means that the number of people starting and finishing their journeys at LAX greatly outweighs the number of those who use it as a connection.

Into the future

LAX will be undergoing a major renovation that will further modernize the airport. The expansion will involve many changes, such as terminal and runway remodeling, which is supposed to improve passenger satisfaction, minimize congestion and give way to the cutting edge aircraft technology that is coming. $14 billion will be invested into LAX, which puts it among the biggest public projects in California’s history.

What is the most dependable LAX to Orange County car service?

What is the most dependable LAX to Orange County car service

For everyone visiting Orange County, California, LAX is a natural choice of airport because of its magnitude. Before making your way to the iconic Disneyland theme park or another Orange County attraction, search for all the great things that you can do in Orange County. Also, make sure you have the right kind of transport to take you all over the LA metro area. 

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