Booking Wheelchair Transportation in San Diego: Things You Should Know

According to 2014 statistics, there are more than 2.7 million wheelchair users in America. And while modern wheelchairs designs and technologies allow far more freedom than the wheelchairs of yesteryear did, their owners are still limited in their ability to travel.

This is where professional wheelchair transportation in San Diego comes in. Simply put, booking wheelchair transportation services is the quickest and safest option for patients who require fairly-priced non-emergency medical transportation on a regular or semi-regular basis.

But how does non-emergency medical transportation work? How is it different from simply being transported in a standard vehicle by a family member or a friend? Read on to learn the answers to these questions.

What is a non-emergency medical transportation service?

A non-emergency medical transportation service is designed to comfortably take patients to medical facilities. These services are most often used by individuals whose health conditions prevent them from traveling to the facilities on their own.

Unlike emergency medical transportation, non-emergency medical transportation services do not transport patients whose life is in immediate danger, such as patients who have suffered stroke, heart attack, serious injury from car accidents, and so on.

People who use non-emergency medical transportation typically include:

  • Patients receiving chemotherapy.
  • Patients in post-op recovery.
  • Patients attending physical therapy.
  • Disabled individuals who are unable to move without assistance.
  • Patients who lack other transportation options.

What is the difference between a wheelchair and a transport chair?

A wheelchair is a device that enables people who are unable to use their legs, or have trouble doing so, to move around on their own. By turning the wheels with their arms, they are able to live an independent lifestyle.

A transport chair, on the other hand, is designed for people whose health issues keep them from turning the wheels themselves. A friend, family member, medical professional, or another caretaker is needed to push the transport chair around.

Non-emergency medical transportation services use specially equipped vehicles that observe accepted Wheelchair Transportation Guidelines. These vehicles can securely and swiftly take wheelchair and transport chair users to medical facilities such as the Naval Medical Center in San Diego.

How wide is a transport chair?

Transport chairs are typically smaller and lighter than wheelchairs. They are usually made out of steel or aluminum, and have a carrying capacity of around 250lbs. They have four wheels, all of which are 8″ wide. The rear wheels are fixed, while the front ones can swivel to allow for better maneuverability.

The dimensions of most transport chair seats are 16″ x 17″ or 16″ x 19″. The weight of the transport chair varies depending on construction and design, but the steel models normally weigh about 25lbs.

For comparison, a standard wheelchair has a 16″ x 18″ seat, weighs 35lbs or so, and has much bigger rear wheels that are also equipped with handrails to make manually turning them easier. They are made of steel frames and include plastic accessories and vinyl or nylon upholstery.

The most dependable wheelchair transportation SUVs San Diego has to offer

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