Booking Transportation for Your Wedding Day

Whether you decide to hire a wedding planner or organize your wedding day completely on your own, you need to make more than a few important decisions, such as hiring wedding transportation in San Diego, CA. Before you set things in motion, you should learn more about how to book wedding transportation and how to navigate this service.

If you decide to provide all of your guests with transportation service, you will need to give proper invitation instructions. Allocating a part of your budget for your wedding transportation is also an essential task, so make sure to find out how much wedding transportation costs on average.

Where to start?

With all those wedding arrangements on your mind, you might not know how to start planning your wedding transportation. If you hire a wedding planner, you’ll be able to share your workload. A convenient and reliable transportation company will communicate with your wedding planner to help you relieve a lot of stress.

However, the first step is finding a trusted and licensed company that can provide you with their service on the day of your wedding. You should ask your friends for a recommendation, browse the Internet and see what’s the leading transportation company in San Diego.

Of course, you should always inform yourself about the amenities that a certain company offers and whether they can accommodate your special requests. You should go with a company that works with highly trained and experienced chauffeurs so that your wedding transportation can go off without a hitch.

What to do for transportation of the bridal party at a wedding?

Once you find a reliable transportation service that can meet your needs, you need to decide whether you’ll provide all of your guests with transportation or just the bride’s and groom’s parties. If you decide to organize transportation for all of your guests, you’ll need to book a shuttle.

Typically, most brides and grooms arrive separately to the wedding ceremony venue. An efficient solution is to have your bridal party with you. You and your maid of honor and bridesmaids can have fun and share a bottle of champagne in an elegant limo before you arrive. The groom, his best man and the groomsmen can go in a separate limo, which will build up the excitement.

However, you might be wondering what to do after the ceremony ends and you need to get to a different venue for your wedding reception or at the end of your wedding day. You cannot just leave your bridal party stranded without a car. A simple solution is to have bridesmaids and groomsmen travel in the other limo after the ceremony.

If you’re hiring a limo service for just a couple of hours, you can ask one of your relatives or friends to be in charge of taking them back home. You can also ask them if their family members can give them a ride.

What is proper etiquette for transportation for a wedding?

Organizing wedding transportation also requires you to consider proper etiquette. This will help you make certain decisions easily and avoid unpleasant situations.

Deciding whether you need wedding transportation

You might be wondering whether organizing transportation for your wedding party and other guests is necessary. This type of wedding arrangement is definitely not obligatory, but it will undoubtedly provide you with a great number of benefits. What’s more, your guests will greatly appreciate it because wedding transportation brings a high level of convenience and comfort.

Booking with a transportation service can be extremely useful if you’ve decided to organize your wedding at a venue somewhere outside the city. However, even if you host your wedding in the Balboa Park, some of your guests might still need transportation. Just keep in mind that you need a permit from the San Diego County Parks and Recreation department.

Ensuring a comfortable ride

You also need to consider the very traveling experience when booking wedding transportation for your guests. If you’ll be traveling a while to a remote venue, you should keep your guests comfortable and entertained.

If you hire a reliable company, they’ll gladly meet your special needs and, for example, play a wedding playlist that you put together for your guests. Also, you should provide refreshments for a longer ride to keep your guests hydrated and energized. You can also discuss with your transportation service company whether you can serve alcohol to your guests on the road and bring a cooler of beer, wine or signature cocktails.

Tipping the driver

When it comes to wedding transportation etiquette, you also need to consider tipping the driver. Although this isn’t necessary, it’s a sign of appreciation and the common courtesy. However, most people wonder how much to tip their limo or shuttle driver.

A gratuity of 20% is the standard solution and in some cases, it’s included in the quote rate. Of course, you can always discuss this with the transportation company and ask them whether they can include it in the total cost.

When to book wedding transportation?

The answer to this question is quite simple – as early as possible. You shouldn’t delay this decision because you may end up without available transportation on your wedding day.

You should start planning this service even months in advance because this will give you enough time to adjust to any unexpected changes. Your guests can respond and confirm whether they’ll need wedding transportation on your R.S.V.P. cards. Once they do, you’ll know the exact number of passengers and be able to book a vehicle that meets your needs.

In addition, keep in mind that certain months are quite busy and people might book limo services for other events, such as graduation parties, other weddings, etc.

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