Best Things To Do on Your Business Trip to San Diego

Many people mistakenly believe that business trips are all about working and not having any fun. Nothing could be further from the truth! Even a brief trip is an excellent opportunity to spend a few hours sightseeing and experiencing the local culture.

After you’ve traveled from the airport to San Diego and attended to your responsibilities, you likely have an evening or even most of the day off. Why waste this time sitting in your hotel room, when you can go out and experience America’s Finest City?

In this article, we’ll tell you about a few thrilling activities you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting San Diego. We’ll also tell you where you can find superb private shuttle transportation from LAX to San Diego Airport (and vice versa). Keep reading to learn more.

What are some fun things you can do in San Diego?

San Diego is nicknamed “America’s Finest City”. If this surprises you, you either haven’t spent much time in it, or you didn’t have a good guide who could show you all the unique stuff the city has to offer. Either way, we’re here to fix that.

We’ve already written about famous tourist destinations in San Diego, but we haven’t mentioned the unusual things you can do at some of these places.

Things like:

  • Balboa Park trails hiking. The idea of hiking in the middle of a bustling city may seem odd, but everyone’s favorite Balboa Park is crisscrossed with hiking trails that take urban exploration to a whole new level.
  • Visit the beaches. San Diego has numerous beaches, including Black’s Beach, Coronado Beach, and Windansea Beach. Some of these beaches are more family oriented, while others are excellent for surfers or allow nude sunbathing. Choose one and spend the rest of your day enjoying the lovely San Diego climate.
  • Go to the Ocean Beach farmer’s market. While this isn’t the only farmer’s market in San Diego, it’s by far the quirkiest one. Between guitarists, drummers, fire dancers, prayer circles, and jugglers, you’ll have plenty of entertainment.
  • Attend an open yoga class. Every Saturday at 9:30AM, a free “laughter yoga” class is held in the Balboa Park. In addition to a good stretch, this deliberately-silly exercise is designed to give you and the other people in attendance a good laugh.

How many days do you need in San Diego?

According to leading tourist agencies, a visit to San Diego should take at least three days. We feel an emphasis should be put on the “at least” part. As the list above shows, there are many exotic things you can do in San Diego that can easily take hours of your time or even an entire day.

As always, it’s best to explore and have fun at your own pace. Don’t let it get you down if your business trip doesn’t leave you enough time to visit all the places you want to visit. You can always come back at a later date, or even stay in the city for a few more days.

Where can I book safe transportation from LAX to San Diego Airport?

Unfortunately, every trip eventually comes to an end. Before you leave, however, you should make sure you have reliable transportation to the airport that can get you there in a safe and timely manner.

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