Why Airport Black Car Service, and not Uber?

There are numerous reasons why hiring private car service LAX to San Diego is a better option that going for an Uber, and here are just some of the perks that make airport car service the way to go.

Promptness and understanding

When you treat yourself to private transportation, and trust us, it is a treat, you know your chauffeur and the vehicle you have requested will wait for you, and not the other way round.

What’s more, nobody is going to rush you, as the wait time begins only ten to fifteen minutes upon reservation time. Imagine how important this is when you need corporate airport transportation for important clients.

Vetted employees

All employees of a private airport car service undergo random drug tests and background checks. They are also interviewed face to face, and professionals evaluate their driving skills.

Also, private black car services don’t hire former felons. All the employees must submit an I9 form, proving they are eligible to work in the US.

TNC companies do not vet their employees in such a way. There are no in-person interviews, no drug tests, and no background checks or skills evaluation. There simply is no time for that, with the demand for millions of drivers. By contrast, all our drivers are vetted professionals that underwent stringent checks.


Chauffeurs employed by private airport car service companies are unparalleled when it comes to professionalism. It is enough to just look at all the checks they have to pass in order to begin working to conclude about the level of service you will be offered.

The most important aspect in traffic is safety, and safety is paramount in car service companies. Chauffeurs are also encouraged to “scan the room”, seeing if a client is willing to engage in conversation or not, thus providing the client with the experience best suited to his needs.

No surges

When you hire an Uber, or choose transportation with a similar modus operandi, you have to take into consideration the fluctuating rates. This means that, depending of the level of demand, day of the week or time of day, the prices vary significantly.

For example, if you need private airport car service, you may pay one rate for the transportation to the airport, and another, a higher one, when going from the airport.

This simply isn’t possible when you hire a private black car service. The rates are fixed, and you know exactly how much you’re going to pay for the service. In the end, it ends up being cheaper than the “cheap” alternatives. And when you factor in the level of service you get from private black car companies, it really is a no brainer.


Talking about the level of service, here are some of the aspects you need not worry about if you opt for private airport car service.

If you want to unwind after a tough meeting, or if your flight has been a constant layover, you can have a drink or two in one of our vehicles. Also, if you happen to forget some of your belongings in one or our cars, we will return them to you as quickly as possible, because we care about our passengers.

One more thing you don’t need to think about is whether or not the car will be there for you when you need it, because there are no cancellations with a private airport car service. The vehicle will be on location on time.

What’s more, there are always complimentary snacks and beverages in our vehicles. However, if you have any special requests, we are happy to oblige, albeit for a small fee. Whatever it is you need, we can supply.

Lastly, our chauffeurs are gentlemen, and opening doors and loading bags is not a thing of the past in our minds. We want you to enjoy the experience as much as possible, and providing complete service to our customers is paramount.


On average, vehicles that work under TNC companies in LA are up to 15 years old. They undergo yearly inspections. This is simply not good enough for a carefree ride. And there is no way of you knowing in what state the vehicle picking you up is.

On the other hand, all the vehicles in the fleets of private airport black car services are no older than three years. The check-ups are monthly, and the vehicles always in top notch state. You can also choose the type of vehicle you want picking you up. You have total control over the entire experience.

Pick up

There are usually three options for pick up when opting for private airport car service. You can choose the one best suited to your needs.

The standard pick up is that on the curbside, where the chauffeur waits for you just outside the airport. When you are finished collecting your luggage, call the chauffeur and he will come to the terminal and wait curbside.

The meet and greet options is the one from Hollywood, where the chauffeur waits for you after security, with a sign. You will receive assistance with your luggage, and then escort you to the vehicle.

The third option entails the chauffeur waiting for you in the parking structure. After exiting security, proceed to the vehicle.

Choose the best airport car service on the West Coast

Stay Classy Airport Black Car Service provides all the perks of a private car service. We will be where you need us to be, and get you where you need to go safely, quickly, and in style. If you want your transportation experience to be comfortable, enjoyable, and stress free, call us today!

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