3 Airport Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe During COVID-19

Despite our best efforts to contain it, the coronavirus crisis is still going strong throughout the United States. As unbelievable as it may seem, remote work, social distancing, and self-imposed lockdown has now become everyday behavior in our society. 

But what if staying home simply isn’t an option for you? Let’s say you need to take a business trip to another city, such as Oceanside. How do you stay safe from COVID-19 while traveling? Booking an airport to Oceanside car service can keep you safe for a part of your trip, but what about the time you’ll be spending at the airport? 

In an effort to help our fellow Americans remain healthy while on the road, we have prepared a list of 3 tried-and-true ways to minimize the risk of infection while traveling. Keep reading to learn more.

How do I protect myself from COVID-19 at the airport?

It goes without saying that you should be wearing a clean face mask (or a similar face covering) for as long as you stay at the airport, or any other public space that gets a lot of foot traffic. 

Aside from that, here are the top 3 airport safety tips you should follow:

1. Good hygiene is vital

There are no two ways about it: you have to wash your hands for at least half a minute using soap and warm water as frequently as possible. This will dramatically lessen the chance of you accidentally touching a contaminated surface and then transferring the virus into your body when you touch your face, nose, or mouth.

If soap and water isn’t available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer instead. Furthermore, have disinfectant wipes with you at all times and use them to wipe down high-touch surfaces such as seats, doorknobs, faucets, buttons, keyboards, and so on, before you touch them. 

2. Avoid crowds

COVID-19 is released into the air when a sick individual breathes, sneezes, or coughs. By maintaining a 6 foot (or greater) distance from the other people at the airport, you’ll be drastically reducing the chance of breathing in the airborne virus or having it contaminate your clothes. 

At an airport, this means:

  • Not sitting next to strangers in the waiting areas
  • Avoiding the airport bar and stores, especially if there are already a lot of people there
  • Not entering a crowded restroom or elevator
  • Staying at least six feet away from strangers in waiting lines and on escalators

Having someone pick you up or using an airport car service rather than using public transportation or visiting a public transportation hub like the Oceanside Transit Center

3. Consider your destination

Do some research beforehand. How long will you have to wait at the airport and will you be able to stay safe while you’re there? Does your destination have any travel restrictions that can affect your trip? Did you book an airport transportation service to pick you up, help with your luggage, and transport you safely to your destination?

Where can I book a high-quality airport to Oceanside car service?

How do I protect myself at the airport

No matter how diligent you may be about wearing a face mask, steering clear of crowds, and maintaining great personal hygiene, the single most effective way to avoid coming into contact with COVID-19 is by minimizing the time you spend in any public spaces.

When it comes to traveling, this means either using a personal car or scheduling a ride with a trusted private transportation firm like Stay Classy LAX. As the leading car service in Orange County, we boast expert chauffeurs and state-of-the-art vehicles that offer unmatched comfort and safety. Contact us today.

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